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Koi Pond

Our Review by Jeff Scott on August 17th, 2008
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Koi Pond could be my favorite $0.99 app. It's a great, simple, little toy.

Developer: The Blimp Pilots
Price: $0.99
Version Reviewed: 1.0

Koi Pond is a simple little toy that could be my new favorite $0.99 app. It's a fun little simulation of a koi pond with a few customization options. The customization options you have include the number of fish, the color of the water/background, and the number of plants in the pond. But wait, that's not all! Act now and the pond is interactive. You can touch or drag across the screen to ripple the water on the pond. The fish are also interactive -- touch near them to watch then scurry.

In all, this is a simple little app, but a fun toy. Give it a try. The only thing I can reduce the score for is that the sound is a little choppy -- possibly due to too few samples.

The developers have posted this demo video of the 2.0 version -- due soon in the App Store. This new version brightens the water a little and adds a few more things you can add to the pond.

[youtube 6inf0DmNDq4]

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