Infinite Tanks review
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Infinite Tanks review

Our Review by Campbell Bird on September 30th, 2016
Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: UNIVERSE OF TANKS
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Infinite Tanks takes the ideas set up by World of Tanks Blitz and turns them up to 11 which makes for a fun, arcadey experience.

Developer: Atypical Games

Price: $4.99
Version: 1.0.0
App Reviewed on: iPad Air 2

Graphics/Sound Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar
User Interface Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Gameplay Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar
Replay Value Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar

Overall Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

It's really easy to look at Infinite Tanks and assume it's a World of Tanks Blitz clone, and on a lot of basic levels, it is. Infinite Tanks contains a lot of similar mechanics as the mega popular multiplayer game from Wargaming, but it messes with the formula to make it feel like a more fast and loose version of a game that has traditionally been very cut and dry, which is mostly a good thing.


On the surface, Infinite Tanks is a straightforward game. In most matches there are two teams of tanks and each one must destroy the other in order to win. Tanks are controlled using both sides of your screen as dual joysticks--one for movement and one for turret control--and on-screen buttons to change out ammo types, zoom in on enemies, and fire.

The single-player component of the game also spends a lot of time in the first mission explaining mechanics like shot penetration, angling shots, detection, and more, all of which help make the tank combat in this game feel a little richer and more satisfying.

Tanks on tanks on tanks

The main hook of Infinite Tanks can be found in its name. There's a whole lot of tanks you can potentially pilot, modify, and fight against in this game.

This is due to Infinite Tanks's modular tank building system, where you can take tank parts that you earn in-game and combine them to create your own, custom tank. The parts that you can choose from start with your basic pieces, but ends up drilling down pretty far, giving you lots of control on determining your tank's performance. Add to this the ability to slap on your own custom paint job, and it begins to look like your options are--in fact--dang near infinite.

Tanks for paying!

Unlike World of Tanks Blitz, Infinite Tanks is not a free-to-play game. Instead, Infinite Tanks asks for $5 up front for you to enjoy its endless amount of tanks without having to worry about timers or other gating mechanics beyond the main loop of earning cards each time you play.

In return for the asking price, Infinite Tanks offers up a ton of stuff over its competition. It's single-player content features a 14 mission long campaign, a set of level-based drills, a custom map mode, and a fun testing ground for all of your tank creations. As for multiplayer, you can compete online in up to 7-on-7 matches in multiple modes like King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, and more.

While Infinite Tanks doesn't quite run as smoothly or control quite as well as something like World of Tanks Blitz, the overwhelming amount of things to do in the game more than makes up for that.

The bottom line

Infinite Tanks is a great, though less serious, take on the tank battling genre. It's sheer amount of content and options make it well worth the asking price.

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