Green Jelly HD Review
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Green Jelly HD Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on December 19th, 2012
Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: FIENDISH FLINGING
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Green Jelly is a particularly tough yet enjoyable physics puzzler. Don't expect to finish it fast!

Developer: G5 Entertainment
Price: $2.99
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Device Reviewed On: iPad 2

Graphics / Sound Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Game Controls Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Gameplay Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Replay Value Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

Overall Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

Green Jelly HD is a fairly tough but enticing physics puzzler game, in the vein of titles like Cut the Rope.

Rather suitably for this time of year, players control a green jelly as it sets out to collect up all the candy within a level, while also reaching the safety of its gingerbread home. It's as saccharine as it is cute, even if the three locations are quite similarly colored. Players do this by getting the jelly to hook onto pegs in the level, and then propelling them across the screen with a dragging motion. It's the kind of mechanic we've seen before but it works well here. Obstacles start out relatively simple, such as a spike ball in the way of the direct route to safety, but it's surprisingly quickly that more ingenious troubles emerge. The spike balls become more prominently in the way and other challenges such as lasers and wires that twist around the screen make things much harder. The player's arsenal for getting to safety extends too, with blancmange style trampolines paving the way.

Gravity plays as important a role as physics, with some solutions requiring the player to 'cut' the jelly away from the peg, leaving it to fall down the screen. Fast reactions are soon as essential as careful planning and lining up shots. Green Jelly HD is a pretty fiendish game, underneath that sweet exterior. Enjoy the ease of the early levels as later stages will get much more taxing.

It's possible to skip some levels but, more often than not, players need to return to them at some point. Three candies are available to collect in each stage, and these are used to unlock the new locations, such as Chocolate and Waffles. Good luck getting to Waffles. Even the most proficient of physics puzzler gamers will be tested here. It certainly tested my, admittedly, limited skills.

My only real issue with Green Jelly HD is its price. Dispensing with in-app purchases, it offers a one off upfront fee of $6.99 (currently on sale at $4.99) to unlock all content. This brings with it advantages and disadvantages, given that so many titles require a significant amount of money to be spent to unlock everything. There's certainly plenty of challenge and enjoyment to be gained, but pricing is something to consider for those who prefer a trickle effect of spending, especially as it's not an Universal build.

Released at a competitive $2.99, there's plenty of challenge and enjoyment to be gained from Green Jelly HD. The bonus of no in-app purchases makes it all the more appealing.

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