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Drinkspiration by Absolut

Our Review by Dave Spatholt on July 8th, 2009
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If you're looking for fun and interesting ways to come by new drinks then you should pop out your wallet and pay for a drink because there isn't a sweeter tasting chaser than a price like free.

Developer: Absolut Vodka
Price: FREE
Version Reviewed: 1.0

iPhone Integration [rating:5/5]
User Interface [rating:4/5]
Re-use / Replay Value [rating:4/5]

Overall Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar

If you're the type of person who extends their alcoholic consumption beyond your typical beers and wines then Drinkspiration by Absolut might give you a fun and interesting way to recommend drinks for yourself as well as others. The app utilizes the two primary features of the iPhone that every app strives to include, location and internet connectivity; Drinkspiration does this well.

The App Store gives a visual warning that this application may be unsuitable for people under the age of 17, however in reality this application is unsuitable for anyone under 21 as they really shouldn't be interested in mixing drinks when they aren't allowed to drink at all--obviously an problem on the part of Apple.

The interface for Drinkspiration consists of a typical bottom menu bar and a sort of roll-o-dex of cards that you flick through once you've made a few decisions about what kind of drink you're looking for. Of course all drinks that are made with vodka "reccomend" Absolut vodka while every other drink recipe is listed generically with things like rum, scotch, or gin. You can access drink reccomendations by different categories to fit every occasion location based, currently popular drinks, classics, drinks that are "hot right now" and even what sounds like a "kitchen sink approach" in the categories time of the day, color, and background volume. I mean, if you're at a loud party thats playing polka then apparently Drinkspiration was prepared to handle that eventuality.

The presentation and access to drinks is straightforward and the app provides a history of your drinks as well as a search function. Once you've picked a drink you can post that you're now consuming said drink on twitter or facebook. Absolut also offers a "Absolut Drinks" connector which boasts functionality for blog and website integration. The social media and absolut drinks postings are a nice addition if you're comfortable with seeming like an alcoholic when you post a bunch at once. Of course you have the option not to do so as well.

I really can't imagine many things beyond Drinkspiration's current feature set that would better fulfill the applications intent to help me pick a drink. The by location feature is nice but might be better if it could also recommend local bars. I know this is a bit of a stretch, but the location drink recommendation seems to go hand in hand with bar recommendations. This would provide a more complete feel to the app for travelers or people who have just moved. Drinkspiration is only further augmented by its variety of means for presenting drink recommendations and social media options.

As far as reuse is concerned, I'm not sure if the drink listing grows or not. I would imagine that further updates would include new drinks if for no other reason than to populate the "drinks that are hot right now" tab.

Overall Drinkspiration is a straight forward application with a robust feature set that not only meets but surpasses its purpose.

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