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Posted by Amy Solomon on February 27th, 2012
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Cut the Buttons is a nice arcade-style game with a great look and fun sense of style. For readers somewhat familiar with apps, the title may seem reminiscent of the hit application, Cut the Rope - yet similarities end here. A better comparison would be to the app Fruit Ninja, as here, players must cut buttons from pieces of cloth as they drop across the screen. Do try to empty each swatch of buttons as a life is lost in Classic mode for buttons left behind, and also note the buttons attached by bolts as one can’t cut through these and will lose points for trying. Versions for both iPad as well as iPhone are available.

Arcade mode is also an option that tests players' cutting skills, removing as many buttons as possible at 1, 3 and 5 minute intervals. Single players can play as well as two players, and Normal as well as Crazy speed levels are included.

I enjoy how simple to learn yet difficult to master this game is. The look of this app is charming and will make parents who have taken their children to any sort of art class smile, as the buttons sewn onto scrap fabric, brightly colored and oddly shaped, is a universal one. The buttons themselves are colorful too and consist of a uniform style, but I do think it would be visually interesting to include different shape, style and pattern buttons as well. From looking at the iTunes screen shots, a variety of buttons may be available in upper levels that I never reached, but it would be nice for a mix of button styles to be included from the beginning.

The music included is enjoyable, and I appreciate the distressed wood-tone background used during game play, bringing a certain vintage quality to this game that I enjoy.

Although I really find the look of this app inviting, it would be a lie to say that I was any good at this game. For me, the material moving across the screen simply moved too quickly. I would love to see a “Novice” or “Relax” mode included in the future as well.

When I first heard about this app, I was really excited for my preschool-aged son to practice his cutting skills without the risk of injury to limb or property. His tapping and swiping abilities have been top-notch before turning two from working with many different applications, but he is still working on his ability to hold a pencil or cut with scissors with the intent to go beyond creating fringe on the edge of a paper. I am sure grade school-aged kids and up will enjoy this app, but I would also love to see a "Beginner" arcade section where players need to cut as many buttons as they can in a given time, but where the fabrics are not moving targets, as for my son's age and abilities this game is simply too fast.

The biggest thing I would love to see changed is to allow players to choose left or right-handled scissors. Lefty/righty teams of two can actually be accommodated as the player left of the screen cuts with scissors laid out for a lefty - same idea for the right side of the screen, as this configuration works best on the iPad or iPhone, but for solo left-handed players, the working of this very realistic scissors may prove to be difficult. I hope players can choose left or right-handed scissors in the future for single-player games as well.

The scissors themselves work the way one would expect, and I appreciate the subtle yet effective cutting sound included as well. Personally, I don’t know how long I can play this game in one sitting as my hand does get tired easily, but this is definitely a fun game to play that kids will enjoy.

I don’t pretend to be an occupational therapist, but this game may be of interest to those who work with older children and adults who may need help in strengthening fine motor skills. I do wonder, however, if the basic speed for more specialized groups would be a problem.

For this reason, I would love to see a simplified, non-moving version of this game included in the future. This is a very cute, likable game that many age groups will enjoy passing time with, but with the addition of left/tight hand choices and the ability to slow down or stop the action, this game could be an important teaching tool as well.

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