Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Review
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Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on January 11th, 2013
Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: SPOOKY MYSTERY
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A fine example of the Hidden Object genre with plenty of variety to keep players entertained.

Developer: G5 Entertainment
Price: $4.99
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Device Reviewed On: iPad 2

Graphics / Sound Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Game Controls Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Gameplay Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Replay Value Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

Overall Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden is a rather spooky game. Following the story of a woman as she tries to find her boyfriend who has gone missing while diving, players must explore the mysterious city of Eden, while avoiding numerous threatening demons. The landscape is quite reminiscent of BioShock's Rapture and all the better for such comparisons. While it won't truly unnerve, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden does enjoy making its players jump in alarm.

Such thrills are backed up by some quite entertaining Hidden Object gaming. It's always a good sign when a title offers three difficulty levels, catering for all tastes and Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden offers a helpful selection of challenges. The gameplay might not change but the speed in which things can be completed is changed quite clearly.

Sticking to its casual adventure gaming roots, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden is more puzzle orientated than previous Hidden Object games, with many scenes requiring items to be found and combined before any sign of a Hidden Object scene. This adds personality to the game, giving more of a reason to play than just finding objects. That's not to say the Hidden Object moments aren't fun, but they can be a little on the easy side for the experienced gamer. Objects have the tendency to stick out from the scenery a little too easily and clearly. Some objects require manipulation of scenery but that still only really takes an extra moment or two to figure out. For those who still manage to get stuck, or fancy a change, a dominos game is available to play instead. It's immensely simple, merely requiring players to line up dominos towards a tree based goal, but it is a pleasant diversion.

Other puzzles are there, too. Mostly, challenges that involve rotating objects, matching wires up or solving jigsaw puzzles. Again, these aren't the hardest of challenges (although some can be quite time consuming) but the sheer variety keeps things interesting.

That's Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden's main strength: its ability to keep the player interested with such choice. It's a fine example of what works so well for the genre, even if it doesn't quite revolutionize.

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