Zenonia S: Rifts in Time guide - Tips and tricks to help you level quickly and efficiently

Posted by Glen Fox on November 6th, 2015
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Zenonia is back with an epic sixth installment that takes the action RPG franchise online MMO-style.

You'll still create a character and spend most of your time focusing on battling monsters, leveling up, equipping gear, and choosing the best stat and skill combinations to help you destroy monsters faster while getting hurt less.

To help you in this endevour,148Appshas spent a bit of time with the game to bring you this guide to levelling up faster and more efficiently.

Focus on quests

This may seem obvious - and it is - but completing quests is the absolute fastest way to get your character to the level cap.

Not only will you earn exp from battling the waves of monsters you face in each quest but you'll also gain a an enormous boost when you hand in the quest at the end.

Don't mistake this for completing a stage though - the only reward you'll get for doing that is gear and the experience earned from defeating monsters.

Use auto-mode

No matter how skilled you are at the game, you'll complete stages much faster when fighting in auto-mode. Not only does character automatically dash from enemy to enemy but it also attacks faster than when fighting manually.

Bear in mind that this is inadvisable when fighting against tough opponents where you'll need to use your wits but it's perfect for those earlier stages when combat is at its easiest.

Besides - it means you can keep progressing while you work or watch a film.

Do your daily, weekly, and event missions

You might glance at these and think "why bother?" - which is fair enough as there are few gold or experience rewards for completing them.

However, if you take a closer look at the rewards you'll quickly realise that they're incredibly useful. Sweep Tickets, in particular, let you instantly complete previously completed stages for an instant, and sizeable, exp reward.

Other rewards include buffs to allow you to complete stages more efficiently as well as gold and gear to help you upgrade your character faster.

Have you been enjoyingZenonia S? Do you have any tips to help us level faster? Let us know in the comments below!

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