Flash Party has officially fully launched alongside its massive Stardust Warriors update, bringing significantly improved core gameplay, a new hero, a chaotic new mode and more.

The 21st hero has landed, the adorably named duo Cookie and Can. Their quick charge attack offers some ranged coverage that can deliver a powerful KO, whilst being highly manoeuvrable so they never get caught out. Every hero in the game can now reach level ten, and has been assigned one of four roles; All-rounder, Power House, Assaulter and Impeder, each with their own unique mechanics to master.

You can add further mechanics to your characters using stickers. Ordinary stickers will give you a flat ability bonus, such as increased weight, skill damage increase and the like. However, Colourful Stickers will give you deeper passive skills to boost your active skill effects, providing the opportunity for some more unique approaches to battles.

After being perfected in the lab by the lucky tester player base, Party Royale will be joining the official version of the game, allowing up to 10 players to duke it out at the same time for some manic-sounding combat. The battlefield will be littered with treasure chests to gain an unfair advantage, on Springboards to launch a surprise attack on a distracted foe.

If you are looking to try your hand at a new character, visit the hero store where you will be able to exchange heroes until you find the fighter that fits you. When you have obtained this perfect pugilist you can even purchase special skins to customise them, including brand new ones under the theme Tales of Mountains and Seas.

With all these updates, and daily-login rewards culminating in a colour-changing gift pack on day 7, it is the perfect time to jump into the action and grab Flash Party from the App Store and Google Play.

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