X-Mercs guide - Tips and tricks to help you defeat the alien hordes

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 20th, 2015
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If you haven't played a turn based strategy game before thenX-Mercs is a good place to start and we’ve concocted the ideal guide to help you get to grips with it.

Movement and action points

Planning your moves is everything here so treat X-Mercs like a game of Chess where a wasted move is a chance for the enemy to gain the upper hand.

Each move consumes action points and you only have a limited number. On your character’s profile, the amount of points are located to the left while the right hand coloring shows how much health you’ve got left.

You can move to green or white cells, with green cells using one point, while the white cells use up two points.

White cells are further away so you can cover more ground, but often foregoing another action.

Attacking also costs action points with different types using different a different number.

A sniper, for instance, can use a trained shot to boost their accuracy, but it costs a lot more so plan accordingly.

Sentry mode can be activated, allowing your troops to pick at the enemy the moment they step into range. There’s a 15% penalty for your accuracy stat, but you gain the benefit of chipping away at your foes.

Take cover!

Cover is important and you should try to stay behind it whenever you can.

Partial cover reduces damage by 30% while full cover gives you a 50% cover bonus. It can make all the difference between life and death.

It’s not foolproof though as you can be flanked. Look out for when your shield goes red because that means you’re out in the open and your cover bonus is lost.

Follow the missions

There are plenty of missions to follow. Some require you to build new structures or learn new parts of the game.

Others are combat missions which help progress the story.

If one of your guys gets injured in battle, don’t worry too much. Generally, the timers mean they’ll be back in action by the time you’ve read through the next slice of the storyline.

Got some advice of your own on how to master X-Mercs? Let us know in the comments!

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