World of Warships Blitz: A guide to tactics for when you first set sail

Posted by Nicholas Tylwalk on January 22nd, 2018
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Ahoy mates! It's time to set out on the high seas for some PvP battles, and ... sorry, actually, World of Warships Blitz has nothing to do with pirates. Let's start over.

World of Warships Blitz is the latest from Wargaming, and like its sibling, World of Tanks Blitz, is a scaled-down mobile version of one of the company's multiplayer PC titles. As the name implies, it features 7v7 naval combat in ships that once did battle in the world's oceans in real life.

The controls are pretty similar to those you'd find in Wargaming's tank games, and some of the tricks you've learned there will serve you well here too. Alas, duking it out on the water is also a lot different in some ways than land warfare, so we've taken our fair share of cannon fire and torpedoes to offer some tactics tips for those of you who are just starting out.

Move or die

Unlike Tanks Blitz, where staying in cover unless absolutely necessary is key, there aren't nearly as many places to hide in this game (though all maps do provide some terrain features). Except when you're setting up a trap of some sort, you need to be moving at all times. Staying mobile makes you harder to hit with all kinds of enemy weapons.

Your ship's orientation is also important. Most ships can only unleash their full firepower when they turn their sides toward enemy boats, but that also makes them more vulnerable to return fire. That calculation, when to show them your front in return for reduced firepower and when to turn your side to the enemy to unleash hell, should always be in your mind while playing.

Stick together with your team

Especially when you are just learning to play World of Warships Blitz, wandering off on your own is the fastest way possible to be sent to the bottom of the sea. Smart teams stick together, using massed firepower on single targets when possible before moving on to destroy someone else.

The exception here is if you're playing a destroyer, in which case your team will likely expect you to be out front, using your speed and maneuverability to scout out enemy positions. But once both groups make contact and the shells start flying, you should still seek strength in numbers whenever possible.

Don't forget your secondary weapons

Every ship in the game has guns to bear on enemies, but in line with the realism involved in any Wargaming title, those guns take some time to reload. You aren't helpless while you wait, though, as some warships have secondary guns you can bring up with just a tap on the gun icon on the right-hand side of the screen. They're less powerful than your main guns but are helpful to avoid just sitting there taking fire during reloading.

Other ships have torpedo tubes, and in the case of some destroyers, these are really your "main" weapons since they do more damage than those ships' guns. Make sure you are using your entire arsenal in each battle.

Fire where they're going, not where they are

Even more so than in World of Tanks Blitz, skillful combat in Warships requires you to take the movement of enemy ships into account. Even when you have an opponent in your crosshairs and the reticle is green, it's possible your shells will simply take too long to get there and you'll miss your shot.

Unless you have a stationary enemy in your sights, learning to lead your shots so that opponents are moving into them when they hit the water is key. This takes some practice but is an absolutely essential skill in this game.

Put those flames out quickly

One of the worst ways to go in this game is to have your ship catch fire and slowly watch your health drift down to nothing -- followed by your warship sinking, of course. Damage Control Kits can be your friend to prevent this fate, and you should always try to have them loaded into one of your Consumables slots.

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