World of Tanks Generals guide - Tips and tricks to help you become a master tactician

Posted by Glen Fox on November 29th, 2015
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World of Tanks Generals is a brand new card game by the developer behind the World of Tanks shooter franchise.

It plays like a cross between chess and your typical card game. You have to keep in consideration where you place your tanks on the board as well as when, and how, to use them.

Then there's the usual perk cards which offer a game-changing solution in the heart of battle, and all the deck-building you could hope for.

It's quite an intimidating card battler for the uninitiated, so we've spent a little time with it to bring you these tips and tricks to get you started.

Build up your resources

The very first thing you'll want to do in a World of Tanks Generals battleis build up those resources, and you do so by placing resource-boosting tanks onto the grid. You'll know which ones they are because they have a +X to resource symbol on the card.

There are a number of different ways you can build up your resources and it's determined by which cards you pull from the deck in your first hand.

It may be that you have a few cheap light tanks that you can throw in for a big resource boost next round, or you could introduce a beastly tank that will instantly wreak havoc in your opponent's ranks.

Either way, your initial priority should be in gaining resources as quickly as possible so you can keep your options open later in the fight.

Consider a strategy and build your deck around it

You have to take your deck into consideration right from the get-go. While it seems intimidating at first, once you've played a few rounds you'll quickly figure out which your favourite cards are and how you like to play.

If you find yourself ignoring a selection of cards regularly - drop them. There's no use wasting the space in your limited deck for cards you don't use.

Also, pay attention to how you like to play. Do you like to bombard the grid with low-cost light tanks and use your resources on perk cards? Or do you like to throw out a small selection of powerful defensive tanks and wear down your enemy?

Either way, let your deck reflect your playstyle and don't hold onto cards you don't use.

Go on the assault

World of Tanks Generals is not a defensive game - you'll want to force the enemy back at every opportunity to keep them away from your base and so you can get close to theirs.

That's not to say you can't play a somewhat defensive strategy - there are plenty of tanks that have high defence and low offense values, for example - but your highest priority should always be pushing towards the enemy's base.

This strategy will also give you some space to build more tanks behind your frontline. That's good because, should they fall, you'll have a backline ready to protect your base at a moment's notice.

How does World of Tanks Generals stack up against the other card games? Have you got any strategies for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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