Magic The Gathering fans can rejoice as the latest set is now available to collect in MTG Arena, entitled Dominaria United. With a physical release coming on 9th September, digital players can get a headstart to build up a frightening new deck and new tactics.

Beginning a new multi-set story, Dominaria United will take place within Magic’s original plane, the titular Dominaria, foreshadowing a climactic showdown between heroes and villains in a world on the brink of chaos and invasion. The new set coincides with the MTG 30th Anniversary celebration and contains a huge 281 cards to collect.

An apocalyptic threat rears its head within Dominaria, with an ancient but familiar enemy revealing itself at last. Being led by the Prator Sheoldred, the Phyrexian army is preparing to invade after countless years in the shadows. Fan-favourite Planeswalkers Karn, Ajani Goldmane, Liliana Vess and Jaya Ballard. Dominaria United kicks off the beginning of a dangerous invasion which threatens the destruction of Dominaria, and the destruction of the whole Multiverse.

Dominaria United brings with it a new colourless Planeswalker; Karn. Living Legacy. In addition to not being colourlocked, Karn brings with him a few very useful skills. His +1 creates a Powerstone token that can be tapped for mana, usable on anything that isn't a non-artefact spell. His -1 allows players to spend as many mana as they like to look at that many cards from the top of the library and select one to keep whilst returning the rest to the bottom, a very useful trick when backed into a corner. His final -7 skill gives an emblem that allows tapping an untapped artifact to deal one 1 damage to any target. A very versatile Planewalker for any deck.

MTG Arena is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.

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