Wild Bullets guide - Tips and tricks for gutsy gunslingers

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 7th, 2019
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Wild Bullets offers up fast and fun wild west action, but it has a good amount of strange mechanics to navigate. Between the game’s unique movement and all of its unlocks, there’s quite a bit to take in.

With that said, we put in a good amount of time into Wild Bullets for our review, so we’ve got some tips to help out anyone that’s new to the game. See below for some of our best advice:

How to spend your coins

Coins are the most valuable resource in Wild Bullets. No matter how far you get in a run, try to prioritize collecting and hanging onto them. This includes not spending them in the store. Saving coins to spend on permanent upgrades should be your first priority.

The reason for this is simple: You can’t access everything Wild Bullets has to offer unless you collect a boatload of coins, and you’ll only slow yourself down if you spend your precious resources on expendable upgrades. With this in mind, you don’t have to worry so much about getting really far in Story Mode or anything. Just make sure you’re grabbing coins and playing as Buck Marshal, as he finds more coins on every run.

Take your time

A lot of free-to-play arcade games on the App Store up their challenge by implementing some kind of mechanic that forces you to play faster than you might want. Wild Bullets doesn’t really do this. You can hang out behind cover and plan your moves for just about as long as you want.

There are systems in place that might make you move when you don’t want to (i.e. tornadoes and boulders), but you can still take as long as you want until you progress to the next screen. Use this to your advantage. With this extra time, you can memorize enemy patterns for as long as you want before springing into action.

Navigating cover

The weirdest part of Wild Bullets is definitely how forward and backward movement is also tied to the two attack buttons. This control scheme gets even stranger considering how cover works.

Hiding behind barrels, haystacks, and other objects gives you a huge advantage against enemies, but it also hampers your movement. You see, shooting from cover will still attack enemies, but you won’t move backward like you would when shooting from open ground. This could be a huge problem if retreating was part of your game plan. To resolve the moving backward issue, you have two options: You can side-step from cover to open ground to then fire and move backward, or your can punch to destroy your cover to then gain full movement control again.

Demon Zone

Every so often in Wild Bullets, killing an enemy will make a door appear. Punching this door down and then going through it will take you to the Demon Zone, which is a challenge level full of annoying enemies, dangerous hazards, and tons of coins.

Whenever possible, you should go into the Demon Zone. As mentioned previously, collecting coins should be top priority. To handle this zone, the best thing to do is be quick. Don’t worry about shooting the bats, just try to Pac-Man your way around to collect as many coins as possible and make a swift exit. Just be careful to also avoid the lava pits, as falling into those will kill your character instantly.

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