Why Calibria: Crystal Guardians is the perfect game to help you through lockdown

Posted by 148Apps Staff on March 30th, 2020
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

We could all use escapism right now, something to focus on and a project to feel part of during these times of social isolation. If you’re one of the many who’s turned to gaming to fill the lockdown void, Calibria: Crystal Guardians should be on your radar.

Mars Games’ hero collecting RPG is ideally placed to help you beat the housebound blues. Not only can you play it with your friends online, you will become part of an online community that’s grown rapidly since the game’s launch two months back.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians will whisk you away from the confines of your home and place you on the frontline of a battlefield in a fantasy realm. War has descended on the island of Calibria, where the forces of light and darkness are in conflict over a sacred crystal.

Players get to assemble a team of heroes from a roster of 200, made up of five different clans and backed by their own unique skill trees. You can upgrade and customise these heroes by levelling them up and equipping stat-boosting runes.

There are several game modes you can pit your dream team against, including dungeon runs, arena combat and a campaign.

Adding to Calibria: Crystal Guardians’ social appeal, players can join guilds for some virtual companionship at a time when they might need it most and challenge their friends on the game’s leader boards.

There’s a good chance you’ve got time on your hands right now, so why not check out Calibria: Crystal Guardians. It’s free to download for iOS and Android devices now.

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