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On a normal week we like to give you the chance to vote for your game of the week on Thursday. But since this clearly isn't a normal week, we've decided to give you the chance to vote for our game of the week on Friday. You're welcome.

We've selected what we think are the five best games that came out over the past week, and now it's up to you to pick which of them walks away with the award. There are a number of ways to vote - you can leave a comment here, you can send us a tweet, or you can let us know on Facebook. If you're using the social methods though, be sure to add the hashtag #148GOW so we can keep track of all the entires.

Don't forget to check out all the other awesome lists we've written for your viewing pleasure over the past few weeks. And now, let's get on with the shortlist for our game of the week award.

7 Billion Humans

- download for iOS

A game about managing workers using logical code. It's a lot better than that sounds though, and it's filled to the brim with amazing ideas, super-tough challenges, and more than enough charm to keep you pushing through all the way to the end.

Command and Conquer: Rivals

- download for iOS

It could have been just another Clash Royale clone, but actually C&C's return to the mobile arena is much more than that. It's got some great ideas, nods to the series more distant past, and a'plenty of exciting multiplayer battles for you to really sink your teeth into.


- download for iOS

A sliding block puzzler mixed with Threes and then mixed with a roguelike? That shouldn't work, should it? Eh, who knows - all we know is that Twinfold is a really awesome mash up of genres that's got more than enough fresh ideas of its own to stand tall and proud on this here list.

Rebel Inc

- download for iOS

We've had Plague Inc, which was all about plagues, and now we've got Rebel Inc, which is all about insurrections. It's an interesting premise for a game, and since there aren't that many grand strategy titles out there on the App Store, it's good to see something that's scope is the entirety of the world.

The Butterfly's Dream

- download for iOS

One of the best looking adventure games we've seen for a while. This one's a relaxing experience with clever but never fiendish puzzles. It swaggers along at a decent pace, and if you're a fan of the genre then you're going to lap up everything that this game lays out on its delicious platter.

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