At last, we'll be receiving some news about the mobile version of Animal Crossing in a special Nintendo Director at11 PM on October 24. There's been little word on the game since it was first announced, having been met with a series of delays. Fans have been impatient for more Animal Crossing, especially since we haven't seen a new game in the series since New Leaf launched in 2013.

With Animal Crossing mobile news on the horizon, let's take a moment to look back on what we know about the game so far, and how that might come to play in tomorrow's announcement.

Animal Crossing mobile could interface with other Animal Crossing titles

Nintendo has shared in the past that the mobile version of Animal Crossing could connect with console versions of the game (Animal Crossing for Switch, pretty please), perhaps allowing players to check in on their towns using their phone, or perhaps sending exclusive mobile only items back to their towns on console. This news was revealed back in 2016, so it's likely Nintendo's vision for the game has changed this then.

It's likely there will be IAPs

Animal Crossing is ultimately a game about earning money and collecting cool items, so it's easy to see how IAPs could feature in Animal Crossing. Plus, it makes good business sense. Super Mario Run was a premium game, and many balked at its steep price, while free-to-play title Fire Emblem Heroes has been a huge success for the company. Current trends in Nintendo's mobile ventures suggest that perhaps they'll be going free-to-play with Animal Crossing mobile, too.

It's going to be more of a game than a social app

Nintendo also initially revealed that Animal Crossing mobile would be more of a structured game experience than a title like Miitomo. Nintendo announced this a little over a year ago, saying that both Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing mobile would feature strong gameplay elements. That holds true for Fire Emblem Heroes, so expect that to remain the same for Animal Crossing, too.

Apple and Nintendo might be in cahoots on a new project

This is pure speculation on our part, but it's worth noting that the Animal Crossing mobile Nintendo Direct comes a day after Apple's annual presentation today. It's been rumored that Nintendo head Shigeru Miyamoto is expected to make an appearance at Apple's big presser. Pay attention to any news in that space and what it could mean for Animal Crossing.

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