How does Titan Quest on mobile stack up against the PC original?

Posted by Campbell Bird on May 19th, 2016
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Titan Quest is an action RPG not unlike Diablo that's set in the world of ancient Greek mythology.

Originally released on the PC back in 2006, Titan Quest has undergone quite a few changes to make it onto mobile. Here's how the mobile version stacks up to the excellent PC original.

Direct control

Instead of the "click-to-move" option that's popular in everything from MOBAs to Don't Starve, Titan Quest opts for a virtual joystick. It's a bit of a bummer.

Menu zoom

There's good news for folks that want to play Titan Quest on a smaller screen, and that's in the form of zoomable menus.

Nearly every single screen in Titan Quest can be zoomed in on by pinching on the screen. That makes reading stats and inventory management much easier on phones.

Drag-and-drop spell casting

On PC, Titan Quest's spell casting required pinpoint mouse accuracy, which would be difficult to mimic on mobile. Instead, a new drag-and-drop system has been implemented to help make casting a bit easier on touch screens.

Time slows down while you're dragging a spell, which makes your life a whole lot easier.

The system still needs some tweaking though, as it's not always entirely clear where or on what you're going to cast a spell. I accidentally healed my wolf companion when I meant to heal myself more than once, for example.

Shortcut buttons

Back in the day, you could bind spells and abilities to hotkeys which, well, don't exist on mobile.

To help keep these abilities handy though, the mobile version includes shortcut buttons that circle a newly added contextual action button. Essentially, your abilities are almost as easy to access as in the original version.

Are there any other differences to this version of Titan Quest that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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