Well, the Rage 2 trailer came out. It's pretty interesting, if you're in to post apocalyptic destruction and games that look an awful lot like Borderlands. But, y'know, shinier. But since that sort of non-portable game really isn't our bag here at 148Apps, we thought it'd make sense to make a list of games that are a bit like Rage 2 that we actually do care about.

One of them was a pretty easy choice. Can you guess which one it was? Even if you can't, make sure you give the list a read, and if you think we've missed something out, let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article. Or if you just want to tell us we've wasted our time and should be doing better. Say something.

Rage - download for iOS

It was this one. This one was the easy choice. It's the iOS version of the first Rage game. To be honest it's not that good, but it didn't really make sense not to put it on here. The original Rage was a little more dour than its sequel looks set to be. It's a game that plays around with pretty much every shade of brown you can imagine. Maybe you're in to that sort of thing? If you are, give this one a go. Although I doubt it'll actually work on more modern iOS devices.

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Dead Rivals: Zombie MMO - download for iOS

A more recent one, now. This is Gameloft's foray into the MMO shooter. As you might be able to guess from its name, it's full of zombies. It's also full of bright colors, lots of silliness, and more explosions than you're going to know what to do with. It's a similar sort of forced nonsense as the Rage 2 trailer is giving out, which is why it's here.

Fallout Shelter - download for iOS

This one's on the list for its atmosphere more than anything else. Oh, and the fact it comes from the same stable(ish) as Rage 2. It's all about building a safe haven for survivors of the apocalypse. An apocalypse that apparently happened in the 1950s. It's fun, in an idle sort of a way, and there's a vein of humor here that's going to keep you playing.

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Radiation Island - download for iOS

There are quite a lot of zombies on this list. I think iOS developers think that the most likely source of the zombie apocalypse is going to be some sort of undead plague. Anyway, this is a big survival game that sees you trying not to die on a massive island where everything wants to kill you. It's quite entertaining as well, so maybe you should check it out?

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Crashlands - download for iOS

At the other end of the survival genre we have this absolute gem. After crash landing (see what the dev did there) on an alien planet, you need to forage, build, and slaughter in order to stay alive. It's a remarkable achievement that manages to be warm and welcoming and cruel and unforgiving at the same time. If you haven't picked it up yet, please do so at your next possible convenience.

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Shadowgun Legends - download for iOS

An FPS with some decidedly modern sensibilities. It's huge and nonsensical, but in the best sort of ways. Build up your hero, shoot aliens and other players in the face, and wander around a central hub where you can get drunk or fat or a mix of the two. It's by no means subtle, but that's sort of the point.

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