There's plenty to see and do in Legend of Solgard, so we thought we'd break down exactly what you can expect to be doing in the game's different modes. There's a decent chunk of them, so knowing what you need to do, and what you might win, is going to set you in good stead for the wars to come.

If you haven't already, make sure you check out our guide to the basics of the game. There's some more advanced hints and tips thrown in there as well, so you're pretty much guaranteed to learn something if you point your peepers in the right direction.


This is the core of the game, and it's unlocked from the very start. Here you'll work your way around a map, fighting battles and smashing crystals portals. These levels cost energy, and if you fail you'll get a bit back, but not all of it. Run out of energy and you'll need to pay to get some more or wait for it to refill.

Treasure Caves

These are, as you might be able to tell, all about treasure. There are pots of gems scattered around the level and you've got a set number of moves to smash as many of them as you can. Focus on offence in these levels, as there's nothing to defend against. You can play these twice a day, with a cooldown counting the time to your next try.


Here you need to take down specific enemies. They're grouped in levels of three, and when you've captured an entire gang you'll get more prizes. You get three chances to fight a day, and win or lose that chance will go. You'll often find bounties in the list of daily challenges, and the prizes are definitely worth it.

The Dungeons

This mode is only accessible if you're part of a guild. You take on huge bosses, and the damage you do is accumulated across all the members of your guild. The bosses use crystals, which you need to take out before you kill the big bad. You can also spend cash to aid the cause, use a bomb to do damage, and buy buffs that will help your whole guild. And the rewards are definitely worth it.

Hero Arena

This is the multiplayer component of the game. You take your deck of monsters and fight against another player's. There's a league-based system and the better you do, the better the rewards you're going to get when league-position is calculated.

Boss Arena

This one, as you might be able to tell, is all about taking on the huge bosses you've come up against in the game. Think of it like a boss rush version of the campaign. It's tough going, but if you've got the right team you can get some really impressive rewards.


If Boss Arena is a boss rush mode, this is the extra hard difficulty level you unlock when you've got deep enough into the game to know what's what. Everything you come up against is going to be super, super tough. This is one to take on when you've got the skills, and the army, to defeat it. Try before that, there's a good chance you're going to take a beating you won't soon forget.

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