Angry Birds has been around for 5 years this month. The original game has spawned many successful spin-offs - not only via mobile gaming but also on games consoles and PCs. It’s been a phenomenal success story; the kind that few could have accurately predicted. It’s spawned more than just games, though. It’s also given us so many different pieces of merchandise. You could probably fill a house with the stuff. There’s stationery, quilt covers, cuddly toys, and so many other Angry Birds related bits and pieces, both official and unofficial. We take a look at some of the more unusual things you can buy to satisfy your Angry Birds loving needs.

Angry Birds Jenga

The entire franchise is based around knocking stuff over, so Jenga makes sense, right? While the Angry Birds Jenga sets aren’t quite how you’d picture them, they do convey the right kind of idea. Kids are bound to be enthused by the ability to launch birds at pigs and knock out pieces of ships and other items that don’t entirely tie into the theme. I think I’ll be sticking to more conventional Jenga, though.

Angry Birds Star Wars - Han Solo Koosh Ball Launcher

I don’t remember Angry Birds featuring in Star Wars (although I wouldn’t put it past being featured in Episode VII), but that didn’t stop the arrival of Angry Birds Star Wars. What better way to enjoy the franchise than by buying a Han Solo Koosh Ball Launcher gun? You can fire a soft ball (that looks vaguely like Han Solo) at a Greedo pig target, proving once and for all that Han DID shoot first.

Angry Birds Space Halloween Costume

Not as keen on providing your child with happiness as you should be? Get them the Angry Birds Space Halloween costume! Kind of like wearing a giant pillow case but with a crazy looking face on it, it’s not as cool as it sounds. OK, it’s even less cool than it sounds. Seriously, why be that cruel?

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game

Want to play Angry Birds in ‘real life’? What do you mean no? Yes, we know it’s better as a game but look, it’ll teach you how games were once upon a time! Use a catapult to fling things at the pieces of wood, then spend ages putting everything back together again. Odds are you’ll be spending longer assembling it than actually playing Knock on Wood. Still, there aren't any screens to stare at, so that’s good. Right?

Angry Birds Halloween Basket

Did you buy your kid that mediocre costume and now you need to make it up to them? Buy the Angry Birds Halloween Basket. It is actually quite cute and you should be able to fit a fair amount of candy in it. Plus, you can cuddle it when it’s not got anything in it. Something soft and warm to cuddle that also provides tasty treats? That’s the dream, folks!

Angry Birds Toons

Harkening back to an era of cartoons where they only lasted a couple of minutes and were quite fun comes Angry Birds Toons. Don’t worry about a storyline here, just enjoy some slapstick humor. It’s more one for the kids but hey, I like going back to watch classic Tom & Jerry. Maybe this is the next step in the evolution of cartoons?

Angry Birds Duck Tape

So, you’ve got your loved one an Angry Birds plush toy and you’ve got Angry Birds wrapping paper at the ready. How about some duck tape to make it even better? OK, so it’s kind of heavy duty stuff for that kind of thing but you could also use that tape to decorate a workbook, cover a picture frame or door frame with it, or anything else you could possibly imagine!

Angry Birds Candy & Drinks

Want to fill up that Halloween basket with something suitably themed? Plenty of candies and drinks are at your disposal. Fruit pastilles, lollipops, chocolates, and liquorice sticks are all for the taking. Drinks wise you can enjoy Tropical, Paradise, Lagoon, and Space Comet. Sugar rush, ahoy!

Angry Birds Credit Card

Yes, really. Even your finances can enjoy an Angry Birds coating. Besides the usual benefits of a credit card, you can enjoy a free Angry Birds PC game, as well as the rewards program. Just remember to spend responsibly, ok?

Angry Birds Land

The UK’s Thorpe Park has its very own Angry Birds Land, offering a 4D experience in which you can enjoy an immersive movie theatre experience that catapults you through a fast-paced adventure. Expect timed air gusts, water jets, leg ticklers, flashing lights, bubbles, and smoke blasts. Hopefully the birds themselves aren’t as threatening looking as the one pictured.

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