If you found yourself big into the Re-Volt series way back in 1999 and you’re now a modern mobile gamer, you’re in for a treat: WeGo Interactive have released a new generation of the series: Re-Volt3.

Currently only released as a soft launch and consequently available in Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, Philippines, New Zealand, and Indonesia, the title is set to be released globally within a short space of time.

With the mobile gamer in mind, the title has been completely rejuvenated, with an optimised piece of nostalgia now at your fingertips. Featuring advanced graphics and heavy RC system upgrades, the game is set to be a dream for former console players.

Even if you’ve never heard of the series and are too young to know what a Dreamcast even is (for shame!), Re-Volt3 has mass appeal and will fit into any racing gamers’ collection. With a wide array of maps and single missions, hours of entertainment are a given.

If zooming around a neighbourhood alley, supermarket or even museum sound up your street, they’ve got these in abundance. If that all sounds a bit novel and silly to you, there’s also an influx of the more traditional tracks, such as circuits and mountain laps.

With car sounds and controls fine-tuned over the years, and optimisation at its peak, the game is firmly set in its 21st century home. You can even share your customisations over Facebook with the new features.

Gaming modes include speed race/item race, restricted race, World Grand Prix and multiplayer.

Coming soon to an App Store/Google Play near you…

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