Granted it's still in its relative infancy, but the Apple Watch has been a bit lacking when it comes to third-party apps thanks to WatchKit not really allowing developers to do much other than create a window to a larger iPhone app. Now it looks like Watch OS 2 is going to change that.

There are a bunch of cool features coming to Watch OS 2, starting with slightly more involved watch face customization. We still can't do anything like create our own animated faces, but the option to turn images into a watch face background is going to be a very welcome addition. You'll also be able to incorporate more Glance options for the face to further customize the amount of information displayed.

Time Travel is another interesting new feature that lets you use the digital crown to "fast forward" through the day to see how things might change. It's not going to give you winning Lotto numbers but it will be useful in giving you a quick look at what the weather will be like in a few hours or how long your projected battery life will last.

But most significant change of all has to be Native Apps. Once Watch OS 2 rolls out, third-party developers will be able to have apps run directly off the Appl Watch instead of running off the iPhone. This means access to the watch's microphone, speaker, digital crown, and more - all hardware features that WatchKit developers previously couldn't access. This is what's really going to open up the Apple Watch's potential, and I couldn't be more excited.

The Watch OS 2 developer beta is available today, and will be available publically this Fall.

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