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Posted by Campbell Bird on July 5th, 2019
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I’ve still been putting a lot of time into Void Tyrant since it officially released last week, and it’s surprising how much stuff there is to uncover in such a simple-looking game. Just toray, I finished spending my Guildins on all available upgrades, and now I have some thoughts.

If you’re still working your way through Void Tyrant and wondering the best way to invest your Guildins, look no further. I have all your answers here:

Things to avoid

The quickest way to waste Guildins is to spend them on gear. Whether it’s starting gear from your town, new equipment from a random vendor mid-run, or a shrine that can upgrade your armor for a price, all of these are not particularly worthwhile investments.

On any given run of Void Tyrant, you’re much more likely to find weapons and armor that are better than anything you can buy, so spending your precious Guildins on them seems a little silly. Of course, this all changes once you’re out of other stuff to buy. Until you get there though, you’re better off buying almost anything else instead.

Missions are your friend

The fastest way to earn Guildins in Void Tyrant is by completing missions, so make sure you take on and complete as many of them as possible. In order to do this, you’ll want to spend upgrades on the cafe to make sure you can hold four missions at once.

Although not every mission yields Guildins, a good many of them do. The others can unlock new abilities, classes, or races to play as, which will help you go further (and thus earn more Guildins) per run.

Focus on one class at a time

There is absolutely no rush to buy upgrades that increase your magic or ranged stats if you only have the Knight class unlocked in Void Tyrant. This is to say you can and should spend your Guildins on upgrading your Training Grounds to increase your base melee strength, but you can avoid purchasing other class grounds until you’ve maxed out your potential with the Knight.

Once again, the key to earning lots of Guildins in Void Tyrant is getting far in runs. What better way to do that than by playing as a fully-upgraded class? Once your Knight is as formidable as possible, it will then become easier for you to net the Guildins necessary to pull your Priest and Ranger classes up-to-speed.

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