Vector is a pretty cool parkour-driven runner that's gotten a pretty decent following since it first came out - although personally I think more people could stand to show it some love. Anyway, Nekki has announced that a sequel isofficially on its way and will be coming to the App Store later this year.

Vector 2 is set in the same dystopian future as the first game, with the protagonist trapped in a sort of hellish product testing facility. You will, of course, have to parkour him to freedom and safety, only now there are even more deadly areas to navigate through. Fortunately you'll be able to get your hands on some new tech like special vests to protect you from all the lasers. But the biggest change has to be the inclusion of procedural level generation. In other words, no more getting used to a particular level's layout - now you're going to have to rely on your reflexes.

There's no specific pricing info on Vector 2 yet, but it's set to release in Autumn.

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