Mobile RPG Blue Archive is launching two new event stories and is gifting players a bounty of rewards. On top of this, there will be four new characters to collect, with Nexon providing many recruitment tickets to try and obtain them with.

The festival of love has arrived and brings two event stories; Schale’s Happy Valentine Patrol and Kosake Wakomo’s Silence and feast, which introduces the long-desired character Wakamo. A sniper-packing warrior clad in a fox mask, Wakamo is known as the Fox of Calamity for good reason, as this Mystic-type striker can accumulate allied damage dealt to targets and deal the stored amount as Mystic damage. Wakamo can be obtained during her Fest Recruitment until September 10th.

Along with Wakomo, the update also introduces three new students; Fubuki, Sena and Chihiro. As a member of the Valkyrie Police School, Fubuki can increase her attack for a weirdly specific 48 seconds, and be obtained via Schale’s Happy Valentine Patrol. Sena weilds a grenade launcher and can heal and buff allies ATK, while Chihro, deputy director of hacker group Veritas can deal massive damage and stun Heavy Armor Defense TypesSena and Chihiro will be available in a Pick-Up recruitment event through September 20th.

To help recruit these new characters, Nexon is rewarding players with a 10-Recruitment Ticket, as well as offering the chance to earn the same gift for an additional nine days for a total of 100 pulls until September 13th. Additionally, a StartDash Login Bonus event will offer various rewards including another 10 Recruitment Tickets, a Shiny Bouquet and a Furniture Box, available for anyone who logs in before September 13th.

Throughout the update, Nexon will reward players who pre-registered with 2400 Pyroxene, an Advanced Tactical Training Blu-Ray Choice Ricket and Activity Reports, and if over 500,000 players pre-registered, Nexon will hold a raffle to win handmade chocolates and molds.

Blue Archive is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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