TeeTINY Online is an upcoming anime-themed MMO which boasts striking visuals and an ambitious open world to explore. Following a successful CBT (closed beta test) on Android, developer TEENY.studio has now released a follow-up test which adds an intriguing roguelike mode. The second CBT will run from today through to November 3rd.

If you're yet to venture forth into the grand world of TeeTiny Online, the game sees you attempting to uncover the mysteries of a tower of trials. In order to survive your quest, you'll be required to hone your own unique playstyle by testing different weapon loadouts and skills.

Interestingly, you'll start the game with nothing except some underwear. This isn't exactly ideal considering the challenges that lie ahead. But, over time, you'll gradually obtain new gear and equipment through the game's farming system. This focus on player-led growth as opposed to pay-to-win mechanics makes for a refreshing mobile MMO experience.

Once you've got a handle on the core combat and exploration, it's then time to start testing your mettle on the tricky PVP and Pet War modes. This is probably a good time to mention that TeeTiny gives you your very own battle-ready pet to fight alongside you.

Teaming up with other players to form guilds, which can eventually be developed into nations, is another great way to make progress. And thanks to the game's automatic chat translator, it's easy to meet and play with people from all around the world.

TeeTiny Online is set to come to Android first, with iOS and PC versions to follow. If you did happen to take part in the first CBT, you'll be rewarded with a powerful buff to give your new character a slight edge. And you can sign up now for the latest CBT.

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