10tons' Undead Horde is available now on iOS. It's a strategy and hack 'n' slash hybrid that sees you take control of a powerful necromancer hell-bent on raising an army of the undead to vanquish their foes.

You won't just be limited to raising hordes of human zombies either. This necromancer can raise various species from their eternal slumbers such as skeletons, giant scorpions and other beasties. Once returned to the realm of the living they'll loyally follow you everywhere you go, happily sacrificing themselves in your honour.

The necromancer is a powerful combatant in their own right though, so if you want to be involved in the front lines of the action then you can do that too. There's a plethora of loot to be found throughout the game including various weapons you can equip your undead taskmaster with so they can better strike down foes before reanimating their corpses to fight for their cause.

There are also a few light RPG elements to tinker with as well. You'll be able to find numerous trinkets throughout the game that can provide buffs to the necromancer or the undead army they control. These items are randomly generated meaning the game could potentially give you something incredibly overpowered, which is always a little exciting.

If it all seems a bit finicky to manage your horde of the undead alongside charging into battle yourself using touch controls then fear not. If you have iOS 13 installed on your device then you'll be able to play the game using an Xbox One or PS4 controller.

Undead Horde is available through the App Store now. It's a premium game that's available for $5.99 for a limited time before reverting to its standard price of $9.99.

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