Ultimate Reality from developer LinkUp Games is a hyper-stylish pixel art beat-'em-up that sees you fighting crime as a masked vigilante. Drake Smith is wise beyond his years, something that often gets him in trouble. Now, he's only gone and created a device that allows for travel between various dimensions.

After stumbling upon a mystical artefact, Drake realises that someone out there is attempting to destroy every known dimension, which is just no good. Cue a dimension-hopping, side-scrolling adventure through a series of gorgeous pixel-art environments.

Your newfound abilities allow you to fight off hordes of nasty enemies and crush various bosses along the way. You'll have five unique suits to test out, all with their own distinct fighting styles. For example, one might allow you to be more acrobatic, while another may give you enhanced combat skills.

The core battles sound fairly layered, with lots of combos, gadgets, and finishers at your disposal. If need be, you can get right up in your rival's face or blast them from afar with a ranged weapon.

At launch, there are ten dimensional abilities to unlock that grant you different physical properties. You can create decoy versions of yourself or boost your speed at a moment's notice. The game's world is said to be varied – full of puzzles to solve and baddies to beat. One level might see you traversing a sprawling gravitational factory, while the next may be set among the urban skylines.

Ultimate Reality sounds like a great time for superhero fans or lovers of a good multiverse tale. You'll find it available for download now from over on Google Play.

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