Ultimate Briefcase guide - How to dodge the bombs

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 5th, 2016
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Ultimate Briefcase is a simple but tricky game that’s highly dependent on how fast you can react. We can still offer you a few tips and tricks on how to survive though. Guess what? That’s exactly what we’re going to do now.

Take it easy

There are bombs raining down from the sky so you'll want to run around in a panic stricken state. I understand that, but don’t do it!

Gentle, slow movements are better. Just tap to the left or right to subtly dodge the bombs - that way, you’re less likely to run into the path of another one.

Know your bomb types

Most bombs are small and relatively easy to dodge. There are big bombs too though, which take out a wider space. Keep away from those!

Blue bombs explode and provide you with energy, which goes towards unleashing your special Briefcase move. Collect up the energy when you can, but be careful. The same goes for yellow bombs, but you'll collect coins instead.

Cluster bombs are particularly nasty, as they unleash numerous bombs in a small area. Keep an eye on their pattern so that you stand between a couple of them.

Fire bombs unleash a small fire where they land. It lasts a while and, more importantly, can trap you for a time. Give these a wide berth.

Focus on something

Do you want to survive as long as possible or collect a bunch of coins? Decide what you want to do, and focus on that aim.

Usually, by going after coins, you’ll die faster but those coins are useful.

Money means…

Better power-ups! Save them wisely, and buy new power-ups such as the slowdown move.

Don’t waste your coins on a continue. They’re expensive and counter-intuitive.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the option to watch an ad for an extra continue though. You might as well do this.

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