Ujoygame’s upcoming retro idle RPG Panilla Saga is releasing to the western world in October, and there is still time to pre-register to earn a plethora of goodies. Over one million players have engaged with the closed beta to battle in Panilla, and soon the lands will be open to all.

Panilla was once a world of peace and harmony, but this was abruptly snatched away from the citizens of the land and calm tranquillity was traded for the fires of war. In this story of warriors and dragons, it now falls to the player to save Panilla and its people from the forces of darkness.

Victory will only be achieved by strategically putting together a strong team of five heroes, each of which wields powerful skills to conquer the battlefield. Players will need to collect fragments to increase the star ratings of heroes, strengthening them and unlocking more skills.

Each hero will have its classes and factions that will determine how they play. Classes consist of Tanks, Rangers, Warriors, Supports, Mages and Fighters, and a good team will have a healthy balance. Each of the six Factions hosts their own respective histories and traits that will also influence battles, with heroes belonging to different factions having the exclusive element of each unit. Every faction has a weakness, so players will need to balance the pitfalls of each hero to create a winning team.

Panilla Saga is available to pre-register for now on the App Store and Google Play ahead of the October 26th release date, and those who do will receive a bumper reward pack to get started. Arthur, the Reaper of Iris and an SSR rank hero will be gifted to all, a powerful Knight Alliance Faction member. Pre-registrees will also get 10 Gold Summon Vouchers, 500 Diamonds, 60 Silver Gero Cards and 1,000,000 Coins, a very nice boost to start with.

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