If you are looking for a new phone then the upcoming iPhone 15 could jump to the top of your wishlist with the recent announcement by Capcom that Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Village will be available on the Pro and Pro Max devices. You can also grab these outstanding titles on an iPad Air or iPad Pro with an M1 chip or later.

This marks the first time that these two titles will be available on smartphones, and they are definitely worth the price. Whilst they don’t retain much of the straight original survival horror aspects of the original instalments, both leaning a bit more toward action, both have won Game of the Year accolades, and Resident Evil 4 is no doubt one of the most beloved in the series.

You will be able to fully enjoy your delve into horror thanks to Capcom’s RE ENGINE and Apple Metal working hand in hand to bring you the best graphics possible. Apple silicon and features such as MetalFX Upscaling will give you as clear a view as you need to completely enjoy firing endless rockets at Ashley in that Knight Suit. We all did it.

Luckily, both of these games come with cross-progression, so you can enjoy shooting some not-quite-zombies, or nonbies, in the face on your mobile when you are out and about, and then change over to the slightly bigger tablet screen when you get home. You can even keep your adventure with Leon going on Mac if you choose, although Village is not cross-compatible between portable devices and mobile.

Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Village will be available on the App Store later this year. You will also be able to enjoy the Winter’s Expansion for Village, adding Third Person Mode, The Mercenaries Additional Orders, and the Shadows of Rose epilogue.

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