If you’re old enough to have had your life enriched with the wonders that were the ATARI and Commodore, publishers Batovi have an absolute treat in-store for you with title Pixel Cup Soccer 16.

The game boasts bright, appealing retro graphics, whilst following a traditional arcade style format no longer confined to your childhood bedroom’s TV set.

Centring on a simple, yet fun-filled premise, the game opens itself up to players young and old: you don’t have to have been rocking a bucket hat circa ’92 to enjoy the title (...but it helps).

Through leagues and tournaments, players can navigate the pitch using a small selection of easy-to-grasp controls, including direction, shoot, pass, slide and tackle, all dependent on context.

For those who like to show off their tricks on the turf, you can even curve the trajectory of the ball by pressing up or down post-shoot.

However, the major plus-points of the game’s layout and comprehensive nature find themselves challenged by our personal favourite aspect: the soundtrack and sound effects.

Derived solely from sound effects made by true retro consoles, including Spectrum, Commodore, ATARI and MSX2 machines, Pixel Cup Soccer 16is also blessed with a soundtrack of 90s beats.

Other features that will be sure to enrich players’ experiences include party modes, in which players can challenge their friends to matches with joysticks (iPad/Apple TV only) and the fact that the purchase of the game is universal and will allow you to play on both your handheld iOS device, and the Apple TV set-up at home.

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1092276838?mt=8

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