With so many games releasing across multiple platforms, it's easier than ever to find a mobile version of something you love. But there's still plenty of games that exist on consoles that we'd love to see make their way to mobile. So we thought we'd write a list that contains the very best of them. And here it is.

It's fair to say that this is a pretty contentious subject, (just look at the reaction to Diablo coming to mobile in the shape of Diablo Immortal) and we imagine that you're going to have your own suggestions to throw into the mix. We'd love that, and there's a comment section at the bottom of the page waiting for you to vent your spleen in rage or agreement.

If you want to check out some of the other amazing lists we've written, click here and you'll be able to do just that. And now, without anymore fanfare, here's five games we wish we could keep in our pockets.

The Witcher series

It's a good bet that anyone who enjoys open-world RPGs would enjoy seeing The Witcher games on mobile. How, exactly, you would translate the vastness of Geralt's world onto a small screen is admittedly something of a challenge. But there's certainly been plenty of mobile RPGs already that managed to conquer large worlds and complex character-building, so there's no reason The Witcher couldn't do the same. Until then, though, we might do better hoping that the related card game, Gwent, appears on mobile.

Rocket League

Rocket League seems like a game particularly well-suited to mobile, and it's somewhat surprising a mobile version hasn't already appeared in the world. There are certainly similar clones available for mobile, but none are the official version, and none quite match the quick and delightful formula that Rocket League has managed to achieve. For now we'll have to get our rocket-car soccer game goodness elsewhere.

Red Dead Redemption

With the release of the second Red Dead Redemption just a few weeks ago, it's hard not to wish there was a way to play it on mobile. At the moment the most mobile users can hope for is the companion app for Red Dead Redemption 2, but that's hardly a game in itself. For our gun-slinging, Western adventure needs on mobile, we'll currently have to look elsewhere.

Divinity: Original Sin

With its multiplayer and single-player capabilities, Divinity: Original Sin seems like a particularly good candidate for a mobile port. The original game is now over four years old, and with the sequel still fairly recently released, it's clear that there's still plenty of interest in this gorgeous RPG. Plus, the formula would be familiar to many players, given the popularity of RPGs on mobile. It may be a crowded field, but it seems likely that Divinity: Original Sin could stand out amongst many of its competitors.

The Elder Scrolls games

Okay, so technically there's a mobile version of the Elder Scrolls on the way, with Elder Scrolls: Blades. But so far we know very little about what Blades will offer us. Will it manage to translate the depth of other Elder Scrolls games to mobile? What will combat and exploration look like? When is it actually going to release? We have hints and bits of information on all of these, but there's no clear picture yet, leaving us waiting until December to find out – unless it gets pushed forward again.

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