Ubisoft has announced the latest Live Test dates for Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence, the hotly anticipated mobile entry in the Divison series. Starting December 8th and ending on the 22nd, the test will offer a huge amount of content for the lucky lot who get the invitations.

Off the bat, the test will offer seven main missions, and twelve side quests, giving you plenty to do in the two weeks. Three classes can be selected to start off with an extra being unlocked at level 15, so as any of you math-wizzes probably already figured out, there are a total of four classes to try out. You can also get a taste of the open world activities, some daily/weekly quests and targets, the Conflict mode and most importantly, you can venture into the Dark Zone to gear up with the best loot.

There are a few small restrictions for those looking to get involved. For starters, only those in certain European regions can take part right now, with more areas being added later. Secondly, this particular live test is only available for Android players, but again future tests will include iOS. There is a list of what devices are compatible on the website, but it seems fairly extensive. Happily, there is no NDA on this test, so those who miss out can still experience it, albeit secondhand, through streamers and videos no doubt.

If you meet the requirements set out above then congratulations, you can visit the site and register for a chance to get selected. Those lucky few who get selected to take part will be emailed with instructions to preload the game. Those that have registered for the Closed Alpha do not need to sign up again, you will already be included.

Any interested Android users should make sure to sign up as soon as possible to make sure you get a chance to take part.

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