NetEase's 1v4 asymmetrical multiplayer game Tom and Jerry: Chase recently became available to pre-order for both iOS and Android in Southeast Asia. It's clearly proving to be a highly anticipated title too since it has now reached 1 million pre-registers.

They've also unveiled some new details about the game itself too. Butch, a playable character in the game, will have a unique weapon that sees him smash a trash can lid so it makes a horrendous sound. This will stun any mice that have the misfortune to be within earshot.

Elsewhere they have revealed a few map specific interactions that can be found in Tom and Jerry: Chase. For instance, on the Classical House stage either the cat or mouse can strike the dog Spike twice to receive a bone. This bone can then be thrown to call upon Tyke who can turn the match around.

There will be several interactive elements to each level like this. Elsewhere, for example, players can interact with a Gramophone to change the background music mid-game. There will also be a network of pipes to discover that can quickly transport players to different areas in the house.

To celebrate reaching this significant milestone, a bonus event has started where players living in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Cambodia can win real-life prizes such as headphones, Amazon gift codes and even an OPPO Smartphone. So if you live in one of those regions check out the event page to find out more information. The event is set to run from July 23rd until August 19th.

Tom and Jerry: Chase is set to release on the App Store and Google Play in the Southeast Asian region sometime in the future. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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