It's been an amazing few weeks for mobile indie games, and that trend is continuing asTo the Moonarrives on iOS and Android in May. It's a solo indie project made in RPG Maker, but the game has made waves for its emotional impact and fine storytelling.

To the Moonoriginally launched on PC way back in 2011. What at first glance appeared to be a simple 2D RPG swiftly became one of the most well-loved games of the year.To the Moon tells the story of two scientists who use a ground-breaking technology that allows them to venture into the memories of the dying to grant their greatest wishes. As the protagonists enter the memories of a dying old man, they uncover a heartwrenching tale of love lost and found. The game's fascinating sci-fi premise has cementedTo the Moonas one of the most memorable indie games in recent history.

AsTo the Moonmakes its way to the App Store and Google Play, the game's 16-bit art style has been transformed into a more painterly style while other mechanical elements have been tweaked for the platform. You'll be able to playTo the Moonon the go some time in May.

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