Tiny Thief to be Published by Rovio

Posted by Jeff Scott on January 24th, 2013

Rovio's next game could be a third party title called Tiny Thief. From a small developer in Barcelona, 5 Ants, Tiny Thief was shown off at GDC last year. The game involves you as the thief creating diversions, setting traps, and avoiding obstacles to get to the goal on each level.

The appeal for Rovio is obvious. Looking at the video below, it shows the same strong character development and cute overall design as an in-house Rovio title. It will fit in well with the Rovio portfolio.

Tiny Thief is the first know third party title for Rovio. Rovio's involvement was confirmed by an investor of 5 Ants at Mobile Games Forum in London. Release of Tiny Thief is expected on the iPad and iPhone in the spring.

Third party publishing is something we've heard rumors of Rovio considering entering into for a while and it makes business sense. With well over a billion installs of Angry Birds, that makes a formidable cross promotion catalog.

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