Tiny Dungeon Heroes is a dungeon-based maze game from developer Software101 that clearly draws some inspiration from Pac-Man. It's available now for iOS as a premium title.

Tiny Dungeon Heroes is very simple, there will be a maze filled with coins and it's up to you to collect every last one of them. Once you've gathered all of them you can move onto the next level, with there being 100 in total. Though you won't have to beat them all in one run as there is a level skip function available.

There are six different characters to play as and three different difficulty settings. Whether or not the characters have different attributes I'm not sure, it could just be a palette swap. The levels will not just be filled with coins, there will also be a plethora of traps you'll need to avoid such as spikes.

There are also pink vortexes that can transport players from one place to another in an instant. If there are more than two vortexes on a level you could end up appearing from any of them, meaning that diving into a vortex could be a risk depending on where the enemies are located.

There are a few power-ups you can gather that will help out in a pinch. Firstly there are swords that will allow you to send enemies packing for a short period of time and they will also do their utmost to avoid you whilst you wield them. There will also be pulsating mushrooms that will give you bonus points for a set duration too, allowing to rack up a higher score.

Tiny Dungeon Heroes is available now over on the App Store. It's a premium game that costs $3.99.

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