One Man Left, developers of Tilt to Live, sure have been coasting on that little game for a while now. Sure, it was cool that they added 3 new free modes, as well as the in-app purchase Viva la Turret mode and Viva la Coop mode post-release, even to the iPad version, which not only lets you enjoy playing the game, but also feel very rich at the same time as you and another iPad owner play with each other. And of course, they're But as time wore on, the masses clamored for more. Have we all grown tired of seeing red? Are we ready to do something besides tilting? The time has come for something new, One Man Left!

And something new is indeed in the works, as One Man Left have revealed the beginnings of their newest project - so unknown that they have yet to reveal a title for it. The upcoming game is a turn-based strategy title, designed "for everyone." What this apparently means is no extraordinarily long unskippable dialogue, a simple control scheme and interface (because who really likes overly complex strategy games?), and the ability to play as something other than space marines and aliens. Instead, you'll get to play with such teams as plants, robots, and a cuddly team - although their cuddlyness can be debated, as they do apparently rip off robot heads, as you can see in the artwork.

As far as actual game details go, multiplayer is definitely in the works, with plans for both local and online multiplayer with matchmaking - I personally am hoping that this includes asynchronous multiplayer. The game is still very early on in development, as a prototype has just been completed for the game, but production on the game "is now in full swing" for release later this year, and we can expect plenty more in the way of details and updates on the game's progress as time goes on from the folks at One Man Left; keep an eye on their blog for more exciting and entertaining updates from the fellas.

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