Ticket to Earth beginner's guide: How to survive space colony life

Posted by Jessica Famularo on March 23rd, 2017
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Robot Circus launched Ticket to Earth as part of the App Store's indie games event last week. If you're not quite digging the space operatics Mass Effect: Andromeda is serving up, you'll be pleased to know that there's a surprising alternative on mobile.

Ticket to Earth is set on a struggling space colony, where tickets for the last flight back to your home planet are being sold at staggering prices. It's your job to maintain some semblance of peace on the restless colony while getting to the root of the corruption that caused this sorry state of affairs.

Combat is a mixture of strategy RPG and color-matching mechanics. It can be tough, especially when all of your unique powers come into play. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Plan ahead
You essentially get two actions each turn. Before you do anything, though, devise your attack plan. Don't just think about your first action. See how you might need to alter your path after your first turn to avoid an enemy. Things can go downhill quickly if you don't prepare.

Sometimes defense is the best offense
Don't get too close to your enemies -- that's one surefire way to get mobbed. Make sure you end your turn in a safe area if possible, and always have an escape plan.

Use your speed to your advantage
You're faster than some of your enemies. You fight robots frequently, and while they pack quite a punch, they're actually pretty easy to avoid. They have a very limited range of motion, and can only hit you when they're on the tile next to you. Use this to your advantage, dodging around the grid before swooping in to perform a one-hit KO.

It's not easy being a Peace Keeper, but someone's gotta do it. We think you're more than up to the challenge. Keep these tips in mind and maybe you'll be buying your own ticket off of the colony before long.

Did you beat the first episode of Ticket to Earth yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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