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Posted by Jessica Famularo on May 12th, 2017

We saw a bunch of new games added to the App Store's ever-increasing catalogue this week, but not all of them were winners. Still, there's a good batch to choose from this week, many of which our reviews editor, Campbell, scored quite highly. Here's your weekly breakdown of all of the best titles worth playing this week.

Battle Bay

Rovio's new mobile IP is quite a departure fromAngry Birds, the franchise that put this developer on the map. It's essentially a colorful, chibi-fied version ofWorld of Warships. Players compete in 5v5 PVP battles, using customized ships to blast opponents out of the water.

Super Senso

Build up a crew of military units alongside a giant kaiju-esque creature called a "Senso" in this clever strategy game. There're definitely a lot ofClash Royaleideas at play here, but the game is well designed, and the monster battling elements are fresh and exciting.

The Bunker

The Bunker isanapocalyptic FMV game. And yes, while FMV games don't necessarily have the best reputation, The Bunker aims to change that and for the most part it succeeds. It's cinematic visuals are used to great effect to tell a haunting story.


Devolver Digital'sSpaceplanis a clicker with substance. The whole conceit is pretty absurd. You're orbiting a dead earth, equipped only with a computer and your trusty potato maker. You progress the quirky story simply by tapping, but the few hours you'll spend with this game are well worth the effort.

What were your favorite games this week? Share in the comments.

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