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Posted by Amy Solomon on September 7th, 2012
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This is my body - Anatomy for kids is a delightful interactive educational app full of terrific content as well as a charming sense of style.

I have really enjoyed perusing this application, consisting of many sections that cover such topics as how fast one grows, the skin, one's senses, as well as the different systems of the body, such as digestive, respiratory, muscular, nervous and skeletal, going into a very nice amount of depth for children to appreciate.

As this app opens up, children are given a choice of characters to follow, nicely including boy and girl choices some of which are children of color and an Asian character - lovely inclusions still not seen often enough in the US iTunes store.

From here, do note the blue arrow one pulls down at the top right of the page, allowing children enjoy themselves while peeling back the layers of their character, including down to their underpants while learning about their skin and later their body’s senses as well. The digestive system allows one to see inside these figures as food and water as they are swallowed, traveling to the stomach. The lungs and throat can be seen while investigating the respiratory system, and I appreciate the use of standard red and blue colors to detail the circulatory system, which is explained in further details.

The muscular system is also interesting to look at, complete with the red striated muscles, as are the detailed images of the nervous system and later the body’s skeleton.

I really enjoy how each of these sections goes into great detail which can be found as one triggers arrows right of the screen going into these sections in more depth, as the level of scope this material provides is wonderful for children preschool-aged as well as younger and older alike.

I greatly appreciate how this app includes narration allowing non-readers to enjoy this app while also including the “smarty pants” section for older children - not narrated and which can be accessed by pulling down many of these included pages to go into even more depth regarding what is being introduced.

Children of all ages will appreciate the interactive elements found throughout, such as x-raying a broken arm and applying a cast or putting back the bones of a skeleton which includes a nice level of challenge that will engage children as well as teaching them basic anatomy.

Star achievements are also included. Do look for them among these pages and perform the cute, specific interactions to gain these stars and to be rewarded at the end. I did, however, have moments of difficulty figuring out what actions were being asked of me to gain these stars. Because of this, I would love some sort of hints also included so that children can make the most of this wonderfully educational application.

There is just so much to love about this application, packed full of information that children and adults of all ages will learn from. While this may not be the most interactive application available, I think the developers have done a wonderful balancing act of adding just enough interactive elements to enrich without distraction.

I do not feel, however, that the navigation going from the peeling back the layers of these characters into the more in-depth sections is fully intuitive the first time one explores this application. This is not a huge flaw, but parents may want to familiarize themselves with this app in order to demonstrate its inner workings of scrolling side to side as well as up and down, as it would be a shame for children to miss any of the elements offered in this terrific app.

I also admire how this app includes a default setting keeping these child characters in undergarments from the waist down, but it also includes a setting to allow these characters to be seen fully undressed and including anatomical details that I personally feel quite comfortable with my son seeing. Having said this, I could also see some families being more comfortable with the girl characters keeping their chest area covered at all times - not an option at this time.

I would love to see this app also include the reproductive system as well, as I have yet to see an app tackle this subject - an app that I can see some parents really appreciating as their children begin to ask questions about where babies come from as my son has.

I am sure, however, that not all families would welcome this segment. An area that could be excluded in the default yet made available as an option would be wonderful.

All in all, This is My Body - Anatomy for Kids is a most impressive educational application that a wide range of ages - both child and adult - can learn from and enjoy. This is certainly an application worth checking out in both the home as well as school setting at a very reasonable price.

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