Marvel Contest of Champions

Sometimes it feels like everything is superheroes nowadays. Films, books, drawings on the wall, breakfast cereals, everything is branded with something-man or captain-thingy. And it's no different in the world of mobile gaming either.

Which is why I've gone and written up this excellent list of superbly heroic games that you can download from the App Store right now. I've included links so you can download the games, as well as ones that will take you to our review of the game if we've got one. You're welcome.

The Amazing Spider-Man - download for iOS

It might not be the best game in the world, and it's certainly not the newest. I mean, you're not even playing as the Spider-Man who is Spider-Man now. But running and swinging around a digital Manhattan is still an awful lot of fun. There aren't many games that actually make you feel like a superhero, but this one is bang on the money.

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Marvel Contest of Champions - download for iOS

There are a good deal of brawlers on the App Store, but this is definitely one of the best of them. It looks gorgeous, there's a whole load of characters to pick from, and the fighting itself is crunchy and delightfully interactive. Super moves, big punching punches, and all the kinds of thing that make being a super hero or villain so exciting.

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Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series - download for iOS

The Guardians of the Galaxy are one of Marvel's most interesting superhero teams. They fly around in space, making jokes, and shooting giant space monsters. If you're looking for a game with more story and less action, then you're going to love this one. Especially if you like space. I really like space.

Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham - download for iOS

The Lego games are some of the best family entertainment that money can buy, and this one's no different. It's bright, silly, and an incredible amount of fun. Sure it's not the dark knight that we all know and love, but there's such heart in the game that it's almost impossible not to fall in love with everything it does.

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Appointment With FEAR - download for iOS

A bit of an outlier from the Fighting Fantasy series this one. You create your superhero alter-ego and go out to take down the titular league of supervillains. The game sparks in all the right ways, the story is great, and if you're a fan of choosing-your-own-adventure then you're going to adore this one.

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Teeny Titans - download for iOS

Another game with its tongue firmly in its cheek. This is based on the cartoon that sees the teenage sidekicks of the DC universe going on their own adventures. This plays out like Pokemon. You're wandering through the world, grabbing little toys, and battling with them. It's funny in all the right ways, and features more dog costumes than you might imagine.

Middle Manager of Justice - download for iOS

If you're more into the casual strategy side of things, then this is going to make a brilliant addition to your collection. Take control of a middle-manager who's running a team of superheroes. Train them up, equip them, and try and fight as much crime as you can with a limited budgt. Plus it's from Double Fine, so you know it's going to be chock full of jokes and neat ideas.

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