Playing on your own is cool, but sometimes you want to play with your friends. And if you're playing on an iPhone, that can often be a difficult process. So we thought we'd pick our favourite games on the App Store that you can play with your chums. They all need you to be in the same room, because real friends stick together.

We've got platformers, spaceship piloters, and at least one game that's going to make you laugh out loud. This isn't a definitive list, but these are the five games we've chosen because they represent different spectra of the same-place multiplayer genre.

If you've thrown your own iPhone gaming parties, and you've got some suggestions to share, then feel free to stick them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. And if you want to find out more about the games on iPhone, click here to check out the rest of our genre lists.

Narcissus - download for iPhone

The first game on the list is all about jumping. There are two characters on the simple screen, and you and a friend need to make sure they both get to the end of the level. It's a lot more challenging than that though. You'll be flipping sides, tackling different jumps, and screaming blue murder at one another when someone makes a mistake.

Mucho Party - download for iPhone

What would happen if Wario Party had been made for mobile devices? Something similar to Mucho Party we expect. It's essentially a collection of short, silly mini-games. You're playing them against your friends though, and since you're all going to be crowded around a phone you can expect plenty of pushing and shoving. And probably some swearing.

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Progress to 100 - download for iPhone

A bit of a strange one now. Where the other games on the list are multiplayer, essentially you can play this one on your own. But it's way more fun getting other people involved in figuring out the puzzles. Basically you're trying to change the colour of the screen, but you need to work out how. This is a game that uses the inputs on your phone in a variety of ingenious ways, and it's going to get you all talking.

Spaceteam - download for iPhone

You're going to need multiple devices to get this one working, but they can be Android or iOS, so you don't have to make your parties quite so exclusive. It's all about controlling a ship in space. Commands pop up on your screen to push buttons, but the buttons are probably on someone else's device. What follows is a wonderfully frantic game of shouting and getting hilariously confused. Then dying in a wormhole.

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Neon Shadow - download for iPhone

An FPS? What's that doing on the list? Well, this is an FPS that two people can play on the same device at the same time. You'll want a big phone or a tablet to get the most out of it, but it brings to mind halcyon days spent playing Goldeneye, when summer lasted forever and microtransactions were just a bad dream.

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