There's a Mario game on the App Store nowadays, but if it hasn't quite sated your desires to fiddle with an Italian plumber while you're out and about, we've got some suggestions that might help. That's right, it's a list of games like Mario for iPhone.

Of course, none of these games would exist without Mario, but we've picked the ones that we think best capture the feeling of Nintendo's flagship franchise throughout the different iterations in its long, long life.

Obviously you might have your own suggestions, and we'd love it if you shared them with us. Hell, even if you disagree with every word written here, we'd like to hear why. So make sure you drop a comment at the bottom of the article.

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Rayman Jungle Run - download for iPhone

You could say that this is the game that showed Nintendo what was possible with its IPs on mobile. It's a slick touchscreen reinvention of the classic hero, and it works absolutely brilliantly. It takes a lot out of your hands, but replaces it with enough fresh ideas and bright colors that it's almost impossible to mind.

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Suzy Cube - download for iPhone

Where the other games on this list are more like Mario's early years, this one takes a page from the book of the plumber's glorious middle-age, Super Mario 64. And it does it really, really well. There's always something new being thrown into the mix, and the controls hold everything together brilliantly.

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Super Dangerous Dungeons - download for iPhone

This one takes a bunch of ideas from different platforming legends, including but not exclusively the Mario games. Sure it's got a different aesthetic, but the jumping is slick as all hell, the level design is great, and it manages to capture the sense of wonder that made the Mario games such classics.

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Alto's Odyssey - download for iPhone

Okay, it's time for the left-field choice. You get the feeling that Alto's Odyssey was built by Nintendo fans. There's an elegance to it that the big N would be proud of, and the smooth jumping and movement wouldn't feel out of place in a special Mario level. Plus it looks amazing.

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Platform Panic - download for iPhone

There are so many Nitrome games we could have added to this list, since all of them owe some debt to Mario in one way or another. This one has an air of Donkey Kong to it, with small screen levels and a simple design that bring to mind Mario's first ever outing. But it's also a brilliant experience in its own right.

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