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With the FIFA World Cup going on in Russia right now everyone has football on the brain. The FIFA video game series has done tremendously well on consoles with chart-topping annual releases since the 90s. But what about mobile? What great football games are out on IOS that will tide you over until the next World Cup match?

We’ve found three games on the App Store that you should definitely check out. If you know of any other great football games post them in the comments below! So, let’s kick off with our first game.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 - download for iOS

One of the few games to rival FIFA’s video game status is Football Manager. As the title suggests you act as a manager of a club. You have to organise your team to try to successfully climb the ranks of the league. You transfer players from other clubs to improve your team, but every character has strengths and weaknesses that should be carefully considered. Also, you have to plan out the placement and movements of your players on the pitch to secure that win.

Football Manager Mobile 2018 takes the established series and streamlines it for iPhone and iPad. Only the essential features are included, making it perfect for mobile. The game isn’t cluttered with lots of different menus, it’s a focused and straightforward approach to the mechanics seen in previous games. That simplicity makes for a really enjoyable football game.

FIFA Football: FIFA World Cup - download for iOS

FIFA’s influence on games doesn’t just exist on console, it now extends to iPhone and iPad too. This game is in some ways similar to Football Manager - you build up a team to play with and hopefully win more matches. But here, you can have players from all over the world and from various different clubs to play in your team, almost like your own fantasy football team.

FIFA Football also lets you play in the actual matches too. Just like in the main series, you control all of the players on the pitch and try to score goals yourself. It feels pretty close to what it’s like to play the game on console, expect it shortens the matches to make it easier to play on the go.

This is perhaps not so surprising since it's an EA game, but the game’s monetisation and in-app purchases, like having three different in-game currencies, can be rather tedious. It bogs the experience down a little bit, but if you can just ignore these annoyances then FIFA Football will efficiently kill some time during this World Cup.

Football Strike- download for iOS

Football Strike is a really great football game if you only have a moment to spare. There are a few different modes but all of them involve you either kicking the ball into the goal or defending against attackers trying to score against you. When striking you simply have to draw a line from the ball to the goal - you get extra points if you hit the sweet spot. If you’re defending, you just have to swipe where the ball is headed. It’s super simple but still very satisfying to build up points and successfully defend the goals.

There's also real-time multiplayer, so you can go head to head with friends or folks online, as well as, customisable option to improve the gear and look of your character. It’s something that can very quickly be loaded up and put away whenever you want to get your fix of football gaming.

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