It can seem like most phone games now have in-app purchases of some kind, whether it's a small fee to remove ads from the game or buy a few gems, up to luxurious and expensive bundles that will ensure you have every piece of top-tier equipment in the game. It's just the way of things now. That doesn't mean that it's your only choice though, which is why we've written this list of our top 5 favorite iPhone games that don't have IAPs.

Tired of seeing those "limited time offer" windows popping up during your gameplay, sick of being asked whether you want to watch a video to get some more gems? Yeah, we know how that feels. Sometimes you just want to sit down with a game and play it, and these 5 let you do exactly that.

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If you enjoy RPGs, look no further than Butterscotch Shenanigan's game Crashlands. The game itself is a one-time purchase, and after that, you'll have access to all the realm-hopping, base-building, enemy-facing content the game has to offer. You'll fight a variety of strange and often silly creatures, build your base of operations and craft a huge arsenal of gear, and work your way through numerous quests. There's enough content here that you're guaranteed to keep busy for a long while, though the game is flexible enough that you can play in short bites if that's how you prefer.

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Stranger Things: The Game

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A little bit adventure, a little bit puzzle, and a whole lot of retro style combine to make Stranger Things: The Game. Even if you haven't seen the Netflix series, this one is worth your time. You might not understand all the references in the game, but there's plenty here to give you a high-quality gaming experience. If you're a fan of old-school puzzle/adventure games, the pixel-art style here is sure to appeal. Best of all, the game itself is entirely free. No IAPs, no ads, nothing but a well-done, totally free game.

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A simple, yet engaging puzzle game, Threes! is all about matching numbers. It's a concept that starts out easily enough, and yet the challenge grows the further along you go. Both the paid version and the freeplay version come without IAPs, though the freeplay version does contain ads. So if you want your game experience to go uninterrupted, you'll want to spring for the premium version. Either way, this remains one of the most engaging puzzle games available on iOS.

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Pocket City

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For all your city-building and civilization needs, take a look at Pocket City. A simulation builder, Pocket City puts you in charge of your very own city, giving you the chance to build up the industry and residences of your very own town. As your city grows, you'll be called on to respond to emergencies and natural disasters in order to keep things running smoothly for your residents. The game itself requires an initial purchase, but after that, everything is free. No purchases to speed up timers or earn more currency – just advance your brand-new city purely through play.

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Data Wing

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A story-driven racing game, Data Wing casts you as a pilot tasked with delivering data throughout a computer system – when suddenly that system comes under attack. Data Wing is another game that falls under the "entirely free" category. There is no initial purchase for the game, and all of the content is entirely accessible without any paywalls. With over forty levels to race through in all their neon-fueled glory, you should find plenty here to pass the time.

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