One of the things we like to do here at 148Apps is broaden your horizons. Maybe you're a fan of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and you're looking for something that's going to scratch similar itches? Well that's where we come, and more specifically this list of the top iOS games like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, comes in.

We've scoured the App Store to find games that fit into the same genre as Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and that we think are going to really work their way into your play rotation. But of course if you've got your own suggestions then do let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

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Marvel Future Fight

- download for iOS

Where Galaxy of Heroes is filled with iconic characters from a galaxy far, far away, Marvel Future fight is crammed to the gills with everyone's favorite heroes and villains. It follows a pretty similar template - build a team, smash up some bad guys, use the loot you get to strengthen up. It's basically a toss up between the two games as to which is the best midcore RPG on the App Store.

Fire Emblem Heroes

- download for iOS

As you might imagine from a Nintendo game, this one's got a bit more depth than most of the other entries on the list. Your characters are based on the history of the franchise, and you need to build up a team. There's a massive amount to see and do, and there are plenty of clever nods to the console games that are going to make sure you're playing with a smile o your face.

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Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

- download for iOS

There was some controversy about this one when it first came out, but it's still worth checking out. It looks wonderful, and it slides you into the experience with a meaty tutorial that ensures you know what you're supposed to be doing. It might not have the chops of the original games, but it's a really interesting modernization all the same.

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Monster Hunter Stories

- download for iOS

There's definitely a lot more weight in this one than all the other games on the list. It's super expensive, so that's one thing to take into consideration if you're a little on the poor side. But there's a brilliant RPG here, and while it isn't as accessible as some of the games on this list, it does offer up a much chunkier gaming experience. If you've found Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes a little too light, you should definitely be thinking about picking this one up.

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Sdorica - Sunset

- download for iOS

Sdorica doesn't follow the same formula as the other games here. It's got some similar ideas, but it throws in plenty of new ones along the way. There's no license tying the dev to specific ways of doing things, and that means there's scope for a little more exploration. Don't care about knowing all the heroes and villains you're playing with? Then this is definitely the game you should be downloading.

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