The top 3 new features in mobile MOBA Ace of Arenas

Posted by 148Apps Staff on April 22nd, 2016
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The iOS and Android MOBA sensation Ace of Arenas launched back in September 2015, and has had a startling amount of new content added to it since.

In total, five major updates have been released since then, and the game has expanded to North America, Europe, and Asia, with four new languages added to reach a vaster audience.

To help you understand exactly what's changed since launch, we've broken it all down into the top three new features you can find in your favourite mobile MOBA. Enjoy!

New modes!

Possibly the biggest new feature is the wealth of new modes that have been introduced since launch to shake up the status quo.

There are 3v3, 5v5, and Ranked Modes that include more complexity and strategy than ever before, and allow you to demonstrate your prowess by becoming the best on the server.

Players who prefer a faster-paced game can also enjoy the Fast and Furious Mode on a new map entitled Timeless Enclave. Here you'll find a bunch of super buffs and a bonus to your movement speed in a mode designed to last under 10 minutes.

Rounding this up is Spectator Mode, which is perfect for the player that would rather sit back and watch than play themselves. Mind, it's also a handy place to go and learn maps and pick up some tactics to boot.

New champions!

Yes, obviously there were going to be new champions, and Gaea Mobile has not disappointed here.

The total number of champions now stands at 54, and each has their own skins, abilities, and weapons to customise.

Improved social play!

MOBAs are exclusively multiplayer, so it makes sense that Gaea Mobile would focus on improving the social aspects of the game.

The first of these is a new Clan System which lets you team up with friends and take part in high level ranked battles to demonstrate which clan is the very best.

To be the very best, you need to be organised though. That's why Gaea Mobile introduced a brand new signalling system so you can communicate tactics quickly and effectively on the battlefield.

And you actually get rewarded for playing with friends now. Simply complete a set of tasks and you'll earn prizes like the Legacy Musaya Skin.

And finally, you can now share your successes (and failures) on social media easier than ever before by tapping the new share button. Simple.

What's next?

That's right, Ace of Arenas is far from finished and you can expect some exciting new features in the months ahead.

Aside from the obvious like new champions and optimisations there's an eSports-style Pro League on its way and a bunch of new tournaments.

If you're a competitive person, Ace of Arenas is about to get a lot more exciting basically.

To check this expansive mobile MOBA out for yourself, simply head on over to the App Store or Google Play right now.

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