It's been a funny few days here at 148Apps, thanks mainly to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and all of the sales that have been happening on the App Store because of them. Hopefully though normal-ish service is going to resume this week. And since we missed it last Friday, we thought we'd let you know about the exciting upcoming games you're going to be playing this week.

We've included links so you can pre-order the games on the App Store where we've got them. That way you'll get a notification when the game is live and be able to grab it quicker than most. If you consider yourself an App Store sleuth then be sure to let us know of any games you've spotted that are heading our way in the next seven days.

Click here and you can check out all of the other awesome lists we've been creating lately. But before you do that, let's find out what games you're going to be playing by the time Thursday rolls around.


This one's a board game that sees you wandering around the countryside picking mushrooms. We know, that sounds a bit on the boring side, but it's actually a really interesting two player experience with some clever ideas. Do you cook your mushrooms or sell them? Which collections should you go for? And how can you best defeat your opponent? Obviously if you hate mushrooms you should give this one a wide berth.


It's been a long time coming, but it's nice to see Amanita Design's excellent point and click adventure finally coming to the App Store. This is a game from the developer behind Mechanarium and Botanicula, so you can expect esoteric head-scratching, stories told without words, and a universe that you can't help but fall instantly in love with.

Apart of me

- pre-order for iOS

A really interesting game that's designed for younger players. More specifically, it's designed for younger players who are just coming to terms with loss and death for the first time. That sounds like exactly the sort of thing that games should be doing if you ask us, and we're really interested to see the path that Apart of me takes.

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